Guaranteed tours to Uzbekistan for specific dates

We continue to sell guaranteed tours to Uzbekistan for May and June 2020!

The guaranteed tours Uzbekistan are your unique opportunity to dip into fascinating world of traveling and to visit magnificent places of Uzbekistan the beauty of which is breathtaking!

Fixed tour dates are a guarantee of theirs hundred-per-cent realization even though a tour will be bought by one traveler.

Guaranteed tours to Uzbekistan- will take place in any case!

Eight-days guaranteed tour Uzbekistan from 850$

8-days tour Uzbekistan is ideal for fans of travel and true connoisseurs of Uzbek culture and customs.

Tour highlights:

  • Depart to Samarkand on the “Afrasaib” high-speed train.
  • Take part in a master class on cooking “Bukhara pilaw”, which consists of meat, onions, rice, spices.
  • Spend the night in Khiva, a UNESCO heritage city, and perhaps the most beautifully preserved of all the Silk Road cities.
Date of arrivals and departuresTour code
10.05.20 — 17.05.20UZG1005
17.05.20 — 24.05.20UZG1705
24.05.20 — 31.05.20UZG2405
07.06.20 — 14.06.20UZG0706
14.06.20 — 21.06.20UZG1406
21.06.20 — 28.06.20UZG2106
28.06.20 — 05.07.20UZG2806

5-days guaranteed tour Uzbekistan from 500$

If you want to dip into fascinating world of traveling, the oriental motifs and culture of Uzbekistan will be a great option for you.

Tour highlights:

  • Travel to Bukhara on the “Afrasaib” high-speed train.
  • Take a tour of charming Bukhara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Will see the fascinating square “Registan” and other architectural wonders of the ancient Samarkand.
Date of arrivals and departuresTour code
05.05.20 — 09.05.20UZG0505
19.05.20 — 23.05.20UZG1905
26.05.20 — 30.05.20UZG2605
02.06.20 — 06.06.20UZG0206
09.06.20 — 13.06.20UZG0906
16.06.20 — 20.06.20UZG1606
23.06.20 — 27.06.20UZG2306
30.06.20 — 04.07.20UZG3006