Tours to Uzbekistan and Central Asia countries with

Main tours to Uzbekistan - what you need for lovers of interesting, exciting travel. Discover uncharted borders and new horizons!

Choosing the main tours to Uzbekistan, you will get an amazing opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of a colorful Oriental country. You will find a relaxing bathhouse, an exciting theater and light show in Samarkand, a folklore show in Madrasah and much more. If you wish, you can visit a culinary master class, a tea house and a winery.

Popular entertainment during tours in Uzbekistan:
1.: bath "Bozori Kord" in Bukhara;
2.: theatrical show "El Meros" in Samarkand;
3.: a master class on cooking "pilaf" or "kazan-kebab" in Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Tashkent;
4.: visit to the "Aisha" art salon in Samarkand;
5.: folklore show at the "Nadir-Divan-Begi" Madrasah in Bukhara;
6.: degustation at the "Silk Road Spices" tea house in Bukhara;
7.: wine degustation at the "Khovrenko" factory in Samarkand;
8.: light show on the "Registan" Square in Samarkand.

Hush Kelibiziz - Welcome! - this is what they say in Uzbekistan. All guests are welcome here!