Reminder to a tourist for a trip to Uzbekistan. Recommendations

How to travel to Uzbekistan and not to forget anything - REMINDER TO A TOURIST.

To travel to Uzbekistan you need to take:
  • A voucher issued at the office.
  • Identity document (passport) and insurance policy.
  • Medication if you suffer from a chronic illness.
It is advisable to take a trip:
  • Raincoat or umbrella in case of rain; in the summer - a hat or panama hat protecting from the sun.
  • Drinks which you prefer.
  • For a multi-day trip, the most convenient and practical things (jeans, a tracksuit, warm clothes for outdoor programs, for women a long skirt and a scarf if visiting the mosques are on the tour), an alarm clock, a small pillow, a plaid or woolen socks (even in summer).
  • When traveling in bad weather, as well as in autumn and spring, it is advisable to wear closed shoes, since in small towns roads are usually unpaved or not of very good quality.
  • When traveling, accompanied by visits to existing mosques, women need to have a scarf or hat on their heads, and clothing should cover their shoulders and knees.
  • If you do not want to spend time for lunch during a stop, then bring along food that will not go bad on the road (especially in summer).
  • Photo and video camera. During the tour, tourists visit sightseeing sites, memorable, and simply beautiful places that are worthy of being captured on a photo or video. Remember-almost all visiting sites charge a fee for photo and video shooting (from 2 to 5 us dollars), but some sites are prohibited from shooting (this is a reminder at the entrance).
  • Money for souvenirs: almost all cities sell books, postcards, photos, local souvenirs, in some cities there is an opportunity to buy alcohol, confectionery, and locally made textiles not supplied to Tashkent.
In transport:
  • During the journey on transport, every 3-4 hours makes technical (sanitary) stops, the duration of which is set by the group leader (or guide). Please strictly observe the time allowed for the stop and do not delay the departure of all travelers, because these delays can significantly reduce the time allowed for the excursion program.
  • While driving in transport, it is not allowed to walk around the cabin.
  • It is forbidden to distract drivers while driving. All your questions will be solved by the group leader or guide.
  • Bus seats recline back, minibuses do not have this option. During parking, the seat must be returned to its original position, take out your garbage from the bus.
Rules of the excursion day:
  • The exact time and place of departure of the group is indicated in Your ticket. If tourists are late to the meeting place of the group, the money for the tickets will not be returned.
  • Delays in departure may lead to a reduction in the excursion program and, in some cases, to the cancellation of visits to planned objects.
  • The time of visiting to excursion objects are informed by the tour leader (or tour guide). Please strictly observe the time allowed for the inspection of a particular object of visit.
  • On the territory of some objects it is not allowed to be drunk, run, talk loudly, take photos.
  • If you are in doubt about something, ask for help from the group leader or guide.
  • Check-in to hotel you need an identity document (passport) - please do not forget the passports at home and in the hotel.
  • If there is no hot water in your room, turn on the water first and wait a few minutes. If hot water does not flow, contact the administrator or tour leader of the group.
  • In order not to forget things in the room - take things out into the corridor and carefully inspect the room again.
  • Room keys are given to the hotel administrator.
Precautionary measures:
  • Handbags and wallets should be held tightly in the hands, and not on the shoulder.
  • It is advisable to store your passport separately from money. If you lose your passport, all expenses associated with obtaining a certificate are paid by the tourist on their own.
  • On the bus, do not leave valuables, handbags, photo and video equipment in sight.
  • Do not leave things unattended when visiting sightseeing sites.
  • If you get lost - do not hesitate to ask the passers-by or contact a policeman.