Low-cost tour Uzbekistan the price will not change in 2020

Low-cost tour Uzbekistan for 8 days and 7 nights. Throughout 2020, the price of a tour to Uzbekistan will be low. Now you do not need to wait for seasonal discounts, and wait for the burning tours to visit this amazing country that has opened its doors to tourists. We are sure that if you ever visit this country – you want to come back here more than once. The cost of the tour will be reduced throughout the year, so everyone will be able to visit Uzbekistan, saving money and receiving a lot of unforgettable impressions. Low-cost tour Uzbekistan will last a whole week with a rich program and excellent service.

Low-cost tour Uzbekistan for 8 days and 7 nights

First day. Arrival in Tashkent (Dinner)
The tour starts from arrival in Tashkent. At the airport you are met by our representatives and organize a transfer to the hotel. Here will be a small meeting, which will discuss the details of the excursions and familiarize yourself with the tour program. After the discussion, dinner will be held in the restaurant at the hotel.

Second day. Tashkent. Excursion to Khiva via Urgench (Breakfast, dinner + folk show)
A new day starts with breakfast. After that we go to the airport, from where we leave at 07:00 to Urgench. Arrive in Urgench at 08:40. From the airport of Urgench we go by transport to Khiva. Upon arrival check-in to the hotel. You will have some free time to relax in a comfortable hotel room. After that, an excursion with a guide is planned, which will acquaint you with the main sights of the city. The program of this excursion includes visiting the most famous and noteworthy monuments of the city architecture. During the orientation tour you will visit the complexes of the buildings “Ichan-Kala” and “Kunya Ark”. The largest educational institution in the city is “Muhammad Rahim Khan”, as well as “Muhammad Amin Khan”, “Alla Kuli Khan” and “Kutlug Murad Inaka”. The famous mosque “Juma”. Its feature is a unique magical geometry, which is formed by two hundreds of wooden columns arranged in squares with sides of 3.15×3.15 meters. Another unique construction. Despite the fact that the minaret of “Kalta-Minar” remained unfinished, its uniqueness lies in the exterior decoration, which consists of tiles of surprisingly beautiful blue color. Also in the program it is planned to visit monuments, mausoleums, mosques and minarets, which will amaze you with the beauty of their architecture. After a fascinating and rich excursion, you will find a dinner of local cuisine and a folk show in the resideof “Toza Bog Palace”.

The third day. From Khiva to Bukhara (Breakfast, dinner)
On the third day there is an excursion to Bukhara, through the desert of amazing beauty. During the journey through the desert you will have a small halt on the bank of the Amudarya River, where you can enjoy all the beauties of the majestic desert. This small trip will end in the city of Bukhara, where you will be check-in to the hotel. In the evening together with the guide you have to walk along the ancient streets of the city, considering local sights and architecture. To feel the local color dinner will be held in the local teahouse in the open air. In such an atmosphere, you can relax after an interesting day.

Fourth day. Inspection tour of Bukhara (Breakfast, dinner)
In the middle of your trip you will be in Bukhara, where a new day will begin with breakfast in the restaurant in the hotel complex. On this day, familiarization with the surroundings of the city and detailed study of local sights are planned. During the trip you will be with a guide who will tell in detail about all the interesting and famous monuments of architecture of this ancient city. The program of this excursion includes visiting a large number of attractions related to the history of Uzbekistan. Here you will visit the mausoleums “Samanids” and “Chashma Ayub”, fortress complexes “Bolo-Khauz”, “Ark”, “Zindan” and “Khoja-Zainutdin”, ensembles “Poi-Kalon”, “Khoja-Gaukushan” and “Lyabi Hauz”. The last ensemble is the most popular place among local residents, where they can relax in their spare time. No less interesting for you are the educational institutions of Bukhara “Ulugbek”, “Abd Al-Aziz-khan” and the functioning madrassah “Miri-Arab”. You can also visit the mosque and the synagogue. After an interesting and fascinating excursion to local historical monuments of architecture, you will have dinner with the Uzbek family, preparing together with them a national dish – pilaf, which is loved not only by Uzbeks. So you can get acquainted with the traditions and life of local residents. After dinner, overnight at the hotel.

Fifth day. Bukhara. We leave for Samarkand, via Shakhrisabz (Breakfast, dinner)
The fifth day of travel around Uzbekistan will be no less interesting and fascinating. You will have a delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant with excellent service. After breakfast, a trip to the city of Samarkand is planned. On the way, you will visit the historical city of Shakhrisabz, which is famous for its sights. Here you will be able to see closer the large majestic building, completely made in white. Previously, this palace, called “Ak-Saray” was used as a government office. Another unique structure of this city is the “Kuk-Gumbaz” mosque with a very large dome that exceeds the size of the dome on the “Bibi-Khanym” mosque. Also, according to the excursion program, you will go to the funeral complex “Dorat-Tilyavit”. After visiting all the planned monuments of architecture, you will continue your journey to the city of Samarkand. Here you will find accommodation in hotel rooms and a delicious dinner at the local restaurant “Karimbek”.

Sixth day. Excursion in Samarkand. Departure to Tashkent (Breakfast, dinner)
At the beginning of the sixth day of your stay in Uzbekistan, you will have a breakfast consisting of local dishes. On this day, an excursion full of historical monuments is planned, accompanied by a local guide. During this trip around the city you can get acquainted with historical monuments that have had a great impact on the formation of culture and history of the country. The program includes visits to the mausoleums “Rukhabad”, “Ak-Saray” and “Gur-Emir” with the family’s mycelium Tamerlane. Also you will have to get acquainted with the local legend, which tells how the mausoleum of “Khodzhi Daniyar” appeared. This legend tells of a horse that carried holy relics and stopped at this place and did not move any more. In the place where the animal struck with its hoof, a life-giving spring began to beat from under the ground. Then they decided that it is necessary to bury the prophet’s relics right here, near the Siab River. The water that comes from the spring, not only inherently pure and cool, it has unique healing properties. People believe that the water is healing and come here to heal not only their body, but also the soul. You also have to walk along the “Registan” Square, see the main mosque of the city “Bibi Khanum” and visit the “Siab” bazaar. The ensemble “Shahi-Zinda” will be interesting for you. Within its walls was buried the noble people of the time, among them Hussein, a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. Particular attention deserves a museum dedicated to the formation of the city and the local observatory “Ulugbek”. After acquaintance with all the remarkable places of Samarkand – departure to Tashkent. Departure from the train station at 17:00, and arrival in Tashkent at 19:00. At the station, a transfer service will take you to the hotel. In the hotel restaurant there will be dinner and overnight in comfortable rooms.

Seventh day. Acquaintance with the surroundings and sights of Tashkent (Breakfast, dinner)
The morning of the seventh day begins with breakfast in the hotel of Tashkent. On this day you will have an excursion accompanied by a guide. The program plans to visit the most interesting and noteworthy places in the heart of Uzbekistan. First you will visit the “Hasti Imam” square, where the religious center of the city is located. Next on the program will be a visit to the mausoleum “Kafl Shashi” and the educational institution “Barak Khan”, where the manuscript of the Koran is kept, executed on 353 parchment sheets. You will visit the mosque “Juma” and “Tilya-Sheikh”, as well as the “Chorsu” bazaar. The favorite place of all the indigenous people and visitors is the square of “Amir Temur”, where you can relax in a comfortable atmosphere. The monument to the “Courage” of the people of Tashkent who managed to survive the terrible earthquake of 1966 deserves special attention. In addition, you will find many interesting places that will tell in detail about the history of Uzbekistan and the traditions of its people. The seventh day in Tashkent will end with a delicious dinner in the restaurant “Nur” and an interesting show program.

Eighth day. Departure from Tashkent (Breakfast)
The eighth day is sending home. Morning begins with breakfast in the hotel. After this the transfer takes you to the airport from where you go home.

Price for 1 pax
Accommodation in 3* Hotel
Double/twin room
Single room
Escort tour guide
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Prices valid until: 31.12.2020

Tour price includes

  • accommodation in a standard double/twin room;

Accommodation in hotels:
•“Viardo” 3*, Tashkent
•“Malika Khiva” 3*, Khiva
•“Lyabi Hauz” 3*, Bukhara
•“Malika Prime” 3*, Samarkand

  • maels according to program (breakfast and dinner);
  • all excursions according to the program, with a local guides in English (if necessary the guide is provided in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian);
  • folklore show in Khiva;
  • cost of entrance tickets, according to the program;
  • all transfer and trasnport services with air-conditioned transport;
  • one bottle of mineral water (1.5 liters) per person per day of the tour;
  • photo & video costs during the city tour program;
  • visa support to Uzbekistan (if necessary).

Tour price excludes

  • air ticket for flight from Tashkent to Urgench;
  • train ticket from Samarkand to Tashkent;
  • early check-in and late check-out from the hotels;
  • travel insurance;
  • excess baggage, which is more than 20 kg;
  • expenses for personal needs;
  • cost for a visa to Uzbekistan.

Additional information

  • Minimum number of tourists for tour: 2 people.