Quest tour to Samarkand, acquaintance with cities in a game format.

Quest tour Samarkand.

Quest tour Samarkand is explicitly designed for travellers who want to appreciate the beauty of the sights of the city of Samarkand and get acquainted with the peculiarities of local cuisine in an action game.

Quest tour Samarkand is original and unique, developed by professional tour operators and specialists.

Quest tour Samarkand is becoming more popular among travellers and guests visiting Uzbekistan.

Buy a quest tour around Samarkand from us to get to know Samarkand playfully!

Quest tour Samarkand.

Quest tour Samarkand has an entertainment direction, and its purpose is to provide exciting and eventful leisure.

During the quest tour of Samarkand, guests will be able to hear stories about the ancient city's history on the UNESCO list, get acquainted with its traditions and culture, solve puzzles, and cook national food twice.

Quest tour Samarkand consists of the following stages:
  • Participants of the Quest tour in Samarkand will be met on Registan Square by a hospitable host - Padishah, accompanied by Viziers (Guides).
  • Participants are divided into teams by drawing lots, given identification marks - bandages with flags, and assigned to each group a personal guide-coordinator (Vizier).

Next, the teams go to meet adventures in several different directions.

During quest tour Samarkand, teams members will listen to the compelling stories of the guide and participate in solving puzzles in parallel.

The program of the quest tour in Samarkand consists of the following locations:

1.: Registan Square

The historical story of the Vizier (Guide) about Registan square includes the distribution of envelopes, which indicate the stages of solving the rebus. During the discussion, the Vizier (Guide) provide hints until the first task of the quest in Samarkand completes.

2.: Gur-Emir Mausoleum

In this location, participants of the Samarkand quest tour must find a box with an invitation to a meal at the Samarkand restaurant with the address and password to enter.

3.: Samarkand Restaurant

Here, the participants of the quest tour around Samarkand will have to choose one representative for cooking shish kebabs on the grill. Then, the jury evaluates the cooked kebabs by cooking speed and taste. Finally, the winning team gets a head start on the results of the third task, and the teams go to the next point of the quest tour in Samarkand.

Here, the teams of the quest tour around Samarkand will have to solve the riddles of the Padishah. The fascinating process of solving charades occurs at speed; Teams receive points for each correct answer. Then the teams go to the city bazaar.

Here the teams have to find a merchant to buy a basket of ingredients for cooking the Uzbek national dish - pilaf. It will not do without surprises: the merchant may ask participants to perform songs or dances. After issuing a basket of pilaf products, everyone is sent together to the teahouse.

Chaikhana is where friends gather to shop for groceries and prepare dishes in kazans. Here, the teams will cook pilaf under the guidance of a chef, receiving points in their piggy bank from a competent jury.

The final part of the quest tour in Samarkand;
After passing all locations, the total points counted, and the Padishah voices the name of the winner of the culinary quest. The winning team receives the key to the vault with prizes; then, all participants will have a delicious dinner with prepared pilaf in the teahouse. The apotheosis of the quest tour around Samarkand will be the distribution of national souvenirs and certificates to the quest participants.

A culinary quest tour of Samarkand can be called one of the favourite ways of spending time for guests who are vacationing in Samarkand on tour packages or passing through here. Guests receive a lot of positive emotions, charged with an excellent mood, and as a rule, again join in participating in the quest during their next visit to the Samarkand. The quest tour Samarkand received such popularity due to the competent organization of the event and its affordable price.

We will be glad to see you as a participant!

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Included / Not Included

Quest tour Samarkand includes

  • services of a theatrical padishah;
  • coloured bandages, tokens with points, and four flags for each team;
  • quest tour in Samarkand;
  • entrance tickets in Samarkand;
  • professional guide services;
  • one kilogram portion (meat, carrots, onions, oil, and rice) for cooking pilaf;
  • jury services in a restaurant and a teahouse;
  • rent of cauldrons and utensils in a teahouse and services of chefs instructors;
  • souvenirs and gift certificates;
  • transportation of the group.

Quest tour Samarkand excludes

  • personal expenses.

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