Tour to Tashkent region with Amirsay, Charvak, Bochka.

Day trip to Amirsoy, Charvak lake, Bochka.

Take a day trip to the Ugam-Chatkal Nature Reserve in a piece of paradise in Uzbekistan.

A day trip to the Ugam-Chatkal reserve includes stops and active types of tourism in the recently opened resort of Amirsoy, which has no analogues in Central Asia, Lake Charvak and the famous Bochka (barrel), where delicious dishes from river fishes cook.

A paradise of nature is located just a few kilometres from Tashkent.

Tour to Ugam-Chatkal Reserve.

Day 1 Tashkent - Amirsoy - Charvak lake - Bochka - Tashkent
In the morning, meet with the driver in the agreed place in Tashkent to drive to the new mountain resort Amirsoy, located on the northern slopes of the Maygashkan mountain and to the Charvak reservoir or Charvak lake. The route to Amirsay will pass through very picturesque places of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park. Stunning views of the mountains, cliffs, and lush valleys will open along the way. Upon arrival at the ski resort Amirsoy, the ascent by the new cable car to the top of the slope, the rise to the top will take about 8-10 minutes. At the top of the hill, free time for a walk to enjoy the views and fresh air at an altitude of 2290 meters above sea level and take a selfie. After visiting Amirsoy drive to Charvak lake. Free time on Lake Charvak can swim in the lake or ride a water vehicle at your own expense. In the late afternoon, return to Tashkent. On the way to Tashkent, you can stop at the Bochka (barrel) for supper. Bochka is a special place that serves as a kind of Mecca for the gastronomic tourists of Uzbekistan. There are many restaurants and cafes offering dishes of national cuisine and from river fishes. Bochka is also considered a trendy meeting place where you can always meet many people. The local soup Mastava, sometimes called liquid pilaf, deserves special attention. It was Mastava that made this place popular among Tashkent residents. Many Tashkent residents come here after work to relax, have dinner, and hang out in this remarkable place. In the late afternoon, arrival in Tashkent, transfer to the agreed place, where the trip to the Ugam-Chatkal nature reserve will end.

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Included / Not Included

Tour to Tashkent region with Amirsay, Charvak, Bochka includes

  • transportation for a day trip;
  • cable car ticket;
  • services of an accompanying guide from 3 people.

Tour to Tashkent region with Amirsay, Charvak, Bochka excludes

  • lunch at the Pyramid;
  • dinner at the Bochka;
  • other personal expenses.

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