City tour Tashkent with guide, transportation, lunch, entry fees

City tour Tashkent will unveil for you ever-green and young Tashkent which is full of colorific places, historical, cultural and architectural monuments fascinating the view. Tashkent is famous for its many shops, shopping centers and bazaars (national markets). During a sightseeing tour around Tashkent you will have a great opportunity to buy souvenirs that will remind you of this amazing excursion.

Tashkent city tour program (external and internal inspection of objects).

In the morning you will meet with the guide and go on the tour around Tashkent.

The city tour Tashkent will start with the historic complex “Hazrati-Imam” which is represented by several architectural structures that have historical value. The mausoleum, where the mortal remains of the outstanding man Kaffal-Shashi who became famous as an expert on Islamic law, a political expert, scientist, and polymist poet, are buried. Madrasahs, one of which keeps in its depths manuscripts, including Koran issued in the seventh century and which is considered to be the world’s oldest parchment document. The ensemble is complemented by two colorific mosques.

Further you will visit the old “Chorsu” market which has been functioning since the 16th century and has promoted the development of trade and economic relations. His originality has not yet lost the inherent features of that period, when caravans carried life to villages and cities, wars were perceived as a natural course of events, when heroes and legends were born.

For lunch we will go to the bazaar of market of flat bread “Chigatay” where you can enjoy delicious national dishes. You will be invited to a teahouse which menu includes a selection of flat bread, samsa with meat or pumpkin, soup and the most delicate Chigatay shish-kebab.

After lunch the guide will accompany you to the underground station from which everybody will go to the station named “Mustakillik” square. In this area of the city there you will enjoy a pleasant walk through a shady park with fountains visit the monument of “Mourning Mother”. Then you walk to the Opera and Ballet Theater which is considered to be leading in Uzbekistan. The residents of Tashkent who know its rich history during which national traditions have always been observed, even though modern trends have made their impact, are proud of it by right.

On the way to theater, the guide will tell a cautionary tale about the Palace of Prince Romanov. This is the story of how such a distinguished person as Nikolay Konstantinovich stooped to the theft in his own family and how it was ended.

Gaining familiarity with the Navoi Theater, you will go to the Memorial dedicated to the courage of people who on pain of death helped to rescue the victims of the terrible earthquake in the 70th year of the last century and reconstruct the destroyed city.

In Amir Temur square, guests will be able to see a monument representing a prominent politician and commander of the middle ages. The alleys of this park in the shape of rays branching to the square sides constitute the beginning of the nearby streets.

You will definitely be impressed by “Sayilgoh” Street which is lovingly called “the Broadway of the capital” by the local citizens. Here one of the squares has turned into a real French Montmartre, where you can order a portrait for a nominal fee, a friendly cartoon for a friend, a picturesque still-life from a professional or amateur brush / pencil. If you don’t want to wait while the painting is being created, you can simply purchase a ready-made landscape or a view of the city sights. Not all local artisans have specialized education, they simply paint wholeheartedly possessing inborn abilities and talent. They aspire to express themselves, to gain public recognition, to throw out emotions on the canvas in order to share them with the world. This is a great opportunity to buy a souvenir in memory on the occasion of the tour around Tashkent.

The one-day tour program around Tashkent can vary and depends on several factors:

  • the tour duration, traffic jams, the address of the beginning and end of the tour;
  • wishes of tourists;
  • an individual scheme of holding a sightseeing tour and a sequence of visits to objects at various tour guides.

All guides build on the standard plan of the tour, but the tour duration is a determining factor. The guide compiles a program of the sightseeing tour in the way to meet the time set aside for the tour.

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Tour price includes

  • excursion according to the program with a local guide in English (if necessary, the guide is provided in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian);
  • cost of entrance tickets in Tashkent;
  • transport services in Tashkent;
  • lunch in Tashkent;
  • photo & video costs during the city tour program.

Tour price excludes

  • personal expenses.

Additional information

  • Duration of the tour in Tashkent is 6 hours.