Tour with camel riding and unforgettable night in yurt camp

Tour to Uzbekistan with camel riding and unforgettable night in yurt camp. This trip to Uzbekistan will present you with an abundance of excursion programs that were developed by our specialists. During the tour you will have an opportunity to visit the yurt camp and spend a couple of nights at bonfire, which will be remembered for a long time. Proud and majestic desert ships, known as camels, will deliver you to the "Aydarkul" Lake, on the shore of which you will have a real picnic and also you will enjoy fishing and watching rare species of birds, admire the beauty of the local flora and fauna.

Tour to Uzbekistan with camel riding and unforgettable night in yurt camp

First day: Tashkent (Dinner)
Upon arrival in Tashkent, at the airport you will meet our guide, who will accompany you to the hotel in comfortable transport. The tour briefing will tell you in details about upcoming plans for the entire tour period. After an interesting conversation, you will be offered a delicious dinner at the hotel.

Second day: Tashkent - Urgench - Khiva (Breakfast, dinner)
After waking up, you will enjoy a healthy breakfast at the hotel. Then you will take a tour of Tashkent, accompanied by a highly professional guide. You will be offered to visit a number of memorable and historical places. The "Khasti-Imam" square and the "Kaffal-Shashi" Mausoleum will attract with their beauty and mystery. And, of course, the "Barak-Khan" Madrasah - the place where the most famous Qur'an of the Caliph Osman, also known as the Uthman Quran, is stored. This old manuscript consists of three hundred and fifty-three large sheets of parchment, on which lies the original text of the Quran recorded in the seventh century. The "Juma" Mosque and "Tillya-Sheikh" Mosque, "Kukeldash" Madrasah are an ensemble in the center of old Tashkent and the "Chorsu" Bazaar. At the end of the second day, you will be transfered to the airport in order to fly to Urgench by flight HY057 at 07:30 p.m. Upon arrival at the airport, at 09:20 p.m. you will be transfered to Khiva, where you will be accommodated in hotel rooms. A heavy dinner offered by the hotel will be the end of the second day.

Third day: Khiva (Breakfast, dinner)
After light but hearty breakfast in the hotel, you will begin the third day with an exciting tour of Khiva accompanied by a certified guide. The secrets of the Mausoleum of "Makhmud Pakhlavan", "Shergazi-Khan" Madrasah, "Palvan Darvaza", "Muhammad Amin-Khan", "Muhammad Rahim-khan", one of the largest madrasahs in Khiva, and the "Kalta-Minar" Minaret, which is completely unfinished and covered with glazed tiles of a cold blue color, will be revealed to you. The "Kunya-Ark" Complex is a long-standing, old fortress that will share its thoughts, while the "Itchan-Kala" Citadel or the "Akshikh-bobo" aivan will let you reach the sky, because it is considered the highest point of the "Kunya-Ark" Complex. You will certainly like the reception hall, which in Uzbek sounds like "kurinish-khona". Observe the summer and winter mosque and experience the magnificent spirit of the harem. Further, the guide will tell about the "Islam-Khodja" Madrasah and Minaret, will interest you with the description of the "Juma" Mosque. The main load in the creation of the magical geometry is carried by slender rows made using various wooden columns. There are two hundred and twelve of them and they are arranged on a square grid of 3.15 by 3.15 meters. You will learn that the Minaret of the "Juma " Mosque, located inside the "Itchan-Kala", occupies the central position, "Ota Darvoza" in translation into English means "father - gate". The "Ak" Mosque, also known as the White Mosque, and the "Palvan-Darvaza" gates will open in all its glory. The "Anush-Khan" bath-hauses will delight you with dazzling beauty, and the Caravancery "Alla-Kuli-Khan" will not leave indifferent even the most picky tourist. The "Tash-hauli" palace, which is translated from the Uzbek language as the "stone courtyard", will offer you souvenirs and gifts for your friends and relatives. And the highlight of the third day will be a delicious dinner at the residence of the Khiva khans in "Toza Bog", accompanied by an authentic folklore show.

Fourth day: Khiva - Bukhara (Breakfast, dinner)
Having a tasty breakfast in the hotel, you will depart to Bukhara through the Kyzylkum Desert, which translates as “red sand”. After scorching sands of the desert a short stop on the bank of the Amu Darya River will allow you to admire and enjoy its breathtaking view, and then you will arrive in Bukhara. Having stayed in a comfortable hotel, treat yourself to an evening walk along the narrow and attractive streets of the old city. At the end of the fourth day, you will have dinner at the "Lyab-i Hauz" national teahouse. You will enjoy an open air, the shore of an ancient reservoir, the shadows of centuries-old trees and the aromas of delicious dishes. What could be better?

Fifth day: Bukhara (Breakfast, dinner)
You will meet morning with a light and warm breakfast in the hotel's comfortable restaurant. Having replenished the strength, you will hurry on a tour of Bukhara. During the informative narrative of the guide, you will observe the fortress walls and gates of Bukhara, the "Samanid" Mausoleum, the "Chashma-Ayub" Mausoleum, where the source of St. Job, the fortress "Ark" and "Zindan", which is an ancient prison, the "Bolo Haouz" Complex and "Khodzha-Zainutdin" Complex are located. Kosh-Madrasah, which consists of Abdullah-khan Madrasah and Modari-khan Madrasah, will certainly help to create a lot of impressions. The enormous Po-i-Kalyan ensemble, which includes the "Kalyan" Minaret, means "the Great", the "Kalyan" Mosque and the "Miri-Arab" Madrasah. By the way, it is considered a functioning madrasah, one of the most revered Islamic religious educational institutions in the post-Soviet territory. It is also complemented by the "Toki-Zargaron" trading domes or the "Telpak Furushon" dome of jewellers, or the dome of headdress sellers, "Toki-Sarrofon" - the dome of money-changers. The "Ulugh Beg" Madrasa and the "Abd Al-Aziz-Khan" Madrasah together with the "Khodja-Gaukushan" ensemble and the "Magok-i-Attari" Mosque will be remembered for their special architecture. "Lyab-i Hauz" (pool shore) is one of the most popular ensembles and legendary vacation spots of residents of Bukhara and tourists. You will be offered to meditate near the "Kukeldash", "Khanaka" and "Nadir Divan-begi" Madrasahs, where residents live and learn their inner self. The Synagogue of Bukhara will charm you with its calmness, pacification and plung you into nirvana. Dinner at the "Minzifa" restaurant will be the best end of the day.

Sixth day: Bukhara (Breakfast, dinner)
A healthy breakfast in the hotel will smoothly proceed with an informative and fascinating tour of the outskirts of Bukhara. Your program for the day will include the following items. Firstly you will visit the "Chor-Minor" Madrasah, four minarets and the famous memorial of the patron saint of Bukhara - Sheikh "Baha ad-din Nakshbandi". The second place to visit is the "Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa" Palace. You will learn that the name of this building is translated into English as “the exquisite star of the moon” and is used for the purpose of the suburban residence of the last emir of Bukhara. A little frightening with its family dakhmas with numerous tombstones, eerie streets, courtyards and gates, the "Chor-Bakr" Necropolis is the city of the dead, which will bespell you with some inexplicable force.
In the afternoon, you will have free time that you can spend as you wish. At the evening you will have an exquisitely tasty dinner with your family, which will give you a great chance to get acquainted with local way of life. You will Indulge in Uzbek hospitality and cordiality, which will smoothly grow into a preparation of the national dish - pilaf, which combines the spice, the richness of meat and the beneficial properties of rice. Bon Appetit!

Seventh day: Bukhara - Nurata - Yurt base (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
By tradition, you will enjoy the morning dishes at the hotel, and then go to the yurt base. During the trip, make a stop in Nurat, the place where pilgrims from all over Uzbekistan come to drink from the sacred source of "Chashma". This is a very famous place of pilgrimage and one of the important religious centers of Islam in the entire region. Religious buildings contain the spring, the well, the "Juma" Mosque, the Nurata cemetery and the Khamom. The whole complex is connected by an irrigation canal, an arykl, where spring water flows and schools of fish called marinkas live. In the ancient centuries the Great Silk Road passed through this miraculous spring. Wealthy merchants and ordinary travelers, who traveled from Bukhara to Samarkand, made a halt and rested in the local caravanserais.
The next place to visit will be the ruins of the ancient and once mighty "Nur" fortress, which felt the full strength and power of the garrison of the great commander Alexander the Great. It was no coincidence that the choice of a place for the construction of the fortress and its citadel fell on the local fertile lands adjacent to the sultry desert and a refreshing spring. Locals will kindly offer to dine with them in their own houses, enjoying the local delicacies. Having tasted the treats, well-fed and peaceful, you will go to the yurt stay. At the end of the seventh day, you will ride a camel and treat yourself to an unforgettably delicious dinner at the bonfire, accompanied by the songs and tales of the Kazakh akyn, a folk improviser in the field of music and poetry.

Eighth day: Yurt base - Aydarkul - Samarkand (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Breakfast at the base will smoothly flow into the passage to the Aydarkul Lake. You can swim in a clean and cool lake, go fishing, enjoy a walk along the shore, exploring and observing the delightful birds. Having tried yourself as the organizer of a picnic in the lap of nature, you will go to the city of Samarkand, which is often compared with the Eternal City of Rome. Having arrived at the "Rome of the East", you will check into the hotel. The eighth day will wish you good night after an exquisite dinner at the "Karimbek" restaurant.

Ninth day: Samarkand (Breakfast, dinner)
Breakfast in a comfortable hotel will segway into an informative and interesting tour of Samarkand. The tour will include the "Registan" Square or a sandy place where the "Ulugh Beg", "Sher-Dor" and "Tilla-Kori" Madrasahs are located, then the "Gur-Emir" Mausoleum. The "Gur-Emir" Mausoleum is known as the family tomb of Tamerlane and the heirs of the empire; he is also called the Temurids Necropolis. "Rukhabad" Mausoleum, (Resident spirit), and the "Aksaray" Mausoleum, (White Palace), along with the main mosque of Samarkand and therefore the entire Timurid Empire - "Bibi-Khanym" Mosque. At the "Siyob" Bazaar you will discover the world of souvenirs. The "Shakhi Zinda" Ensemble is the burial place of royal persons and nobles, which begins with the burial place of the legendary Hussein, the cousin of the prophet Muhammad, whose nickname was "Shakhi Zinda", which means the "living king". Moreover, there are the Mausoleum of St. Daniel that is, the mausoleum of the prophet Daniel and the "Hazrat Hyzr" Mosque, which will undoubtedly stick in your memory. A professional and historically trained guide will tell the legend of a horse that was carrying holy relics and suddenly stopped. No one could move the horse from the place, and when it stamped with its hoof, a miracle happened immediately. In the place where the horse stamped, from under the bowels of the earth a healing spring began to come out. Then people decided to bury the relics of Daniel right here, next to the Siab river. That clear and ice water that blows from the ground is not only tasty and healthy, but also has an amazing property to heal the body and the soul. The power of the holy spring attracts and invites people from all over the planet to drink this miraculous water and take this magical ragweed along. Finally, you will visit the Museum of the emergence of Samarkand, which calles "Afrosiab". And the last place to visit of the ninth day will be the Observatory of Mirzo Ulugbek, which will allow you to touch the stars. A delicious and final accent will be the dinner, which will be held in a private house, where you will be honored to participate in a master class in preparing a national dish - "Kazan kebab".

Tenth day: Samarkand - Shahrisabz - Samarkand (Breakfast, dinner)
A light morning meal and departure to the city of Shakhrisabz will open the tenth day of an exciting journey through the picturesque places of Uzbekistan. During a tour of the city of Shakhrisabz with a guide, you will see and visit: the "Hazrat-i Imam" Mosque and the  "Dorut Tilovat" burial complex. The building received its name due to the huge size of the dome, which exceeded even the "Bibi-Khanym" dome. Having rested and gained considerable baggage of impressions and knowledge, you will return to Samarkand, where a delicious dinner is already being prepared for dear guests in the "Staraya Arba" restaurant.

Eleventh day: Samarkand - Tashkent (Breakfast, dinner)
A trip to Tashkent after a breakfast in a comfortable hotel. Upon arrival, you will be accommodated in comfortable rooms in which you can indulge in a siesta. Having rested and gained strength and energy for further communication with a professional guide that will delight you with stories about the historical, cultural and political life of the city, you will explore the "Mustaqillik" (Independence) Square, the square of thr "Friendship of Peoples". The "Abdulkhasim Sheykh" Mausoleum, which has now provided its cells to madrasah for use under the craft workshops of popular crafts. Museum of "Applied Art" and "Navoi" Theater will fill the vessel of the soul with vivid and deep sensations. The monument “Courage”, which was opened in honor of the memory of the brave residents who survived the Tashkent earthquake on April 26, 1966, installed at the epicenter of the earthquake in the area of the former "Kashgar" mahalla, will inspire sad and insightful thoughts. The Tashkent metro station and "Amir Temur" Square, which is considered the main resting place for Tashkent guests and residents, will deflect you from thinking about the eternal and meaningful. The finishing touch of the "Tour of Uzbekistan 12 days and 11 nights" will be a gorgeous dinner at the "Al-Aziz" restaurant, which will impress the most refined gourmet and culinary critic.

Twelfth day: Tashkent (Breakfast)
After a simple but tasty breakfast, you will be transfered to the airport, then a fast and comfortale plane will bring you home.

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  • accommodation in a standard double/twin room;
  • maels according to program (breakfast and dinner);
  • all excursions according to the program, with a local guides in English (if necessary the guide is provided in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian);
  • cost of entrance tickets, according to the program;
  • for excursions and transfers, air-conditioned transport are provided;
  • one bottle of mineral water (1.5 liters) per person per day of the tour;
  • photo & video costs during the city tour program;
  • folklore show in Khiva;
  • visa support to Uzbekistan (if necessary).

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  • expenses for personal needs;
  • cost for a visa to Uzbekistan.

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  • Minimum number of tourists for the tour: 2 people.