Travel to Uzbekistan Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva

Travel to Uzbekistan includes visits cities such as Samarkand, Gijduvan, Vabkent, Bukhara, Khiva and Tashkent. During this trip to Uzbekistan you will be able to see the main attractions, as well as historical and cultural monuments, to get acquainted with the nature and architecture of this amazing country. Due to tours to Uzbekistan, anyone can immerse themselves into the world of local customs and traditions of sunny Uzbekistan. The hospitality of the people living in this country is just amazing; here every visitor becomes a welcome guest.
Furthermore, what is the prominent national cuisine, unique, to the Uzbek people – pilaf! Believe it; you will not try such pilaf anywhere else. Trip to Uzbekistan will not be tedious, because it is carried out on comfortable transport, and hotel rooms with amenities are provided for accommodation.

Travel to Uzbekistan Samarkand, Gijduvan, Bukhara and Khiva

The first day of the tour: Tashkent city (Breakfast, dinner)
Meeting at the airport in Tashkent. Also one of the important criteria for comfortable rest is transportation from the airport to the hotel and the story of the upcoming trip. The tour is accompanied by a guide who will tell guests of the capital of Uzbekistan and relate many new and fascinating things about these amazingly beautiful places. While visiting the old part of the city, you will see the "Hasti Imam Square," visit the "Barak Khana Madrasah" - a repository of valuable relics of Islam, the Koran of Caliph Osman. This rare manuscript contains 353 parchment leaves. According to the legend, the pages of this book contain traces of the blood of the great Osman, who was killed while reading a prayer. The program also includes visiting the mosques of "Tila-Sheikh" and "Juma," as well as the "Chorsu Bazaar;" this place is the epicenter of social life. This Bazaar is located on the main square of Tashkent "Eski-Juva," where the locals gather to not only buy the right items but also to learn the latest news, discuss prices, and enjoy delicious green tea. Moreover, you will get acquainted with such a historical monument as the "Kukeldash Madrasah." Dinner in the restaurant "Al-Aziz" is an opportunity to enjoy the national cuisine.

The second day of the tour: Tashkent - Samarkand (Breakfast, dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel. Then, you will enjoy the second part of an exciting and eventful journey through Tashkent. You will visit the central square, "Mustakillik." You will get acquainted with one of the most interesting tourist sites, the Alisher Navoi Republican Opera and Ballet Theater. The tour schedule also includes visits to such places as the Museum of Applied Arts, the "Monument Courage," which is a reminder of the people who survived a strong earthquake in 1966, and the "Friendship Square." A fascinating and memorable visit to the mausoleum "Abdulkasym Sheikh." Here anyone can observe the work of the most talented craftsmen. Visiting the square, "Amir Timur" you can see the monument to the great commander Amir Timur, who created a great Empire in his time. At the end of the tour scheduled departure is to Samarkand. Your accommodation will be in the hotel. This exciting journey ends with a dinner in the restaurant "Karimbek."

The third day of the tour: Samarkand (Breakfast, dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel. We will go on a tour of Samarkand with guide. These places have a long history and were once praised by poets and philosophers of antiquity. A visit to the favorite site of all tourists is planned for the "Registan Square” - an attraction not only in Samarkand but also in the whole of Uzbekistan. Also, you will get acquainted with such historical and architectural monuments as the mausoleums, "Gur-Emir" and "Rukhabad." In the North-East of Samarkand is the "Shahi-Zinda Mausoleum" complex. A visit to this amazing place is also included in the program content of the tour. "Shahi Zinda" - is one of the world-famous ancient tombs of royalty. Here you can see the burial place of the Kusam Ibn Abbas, a close associate and cousin of the prophet Muhammad, mosque "Hazret-Hyzr" as well as the mausoleum "Khoja Daniyar." We believe that this ensemble cannot leave indifferent any tourist. According to the legend, in which all Uzbek people believe, it was here that the horse carrying the holy relics froze in one place, all attempts to move the animal by at least one step were unsuccessful. Moreover, when the horse kicked its hoof, a real miracle happened, a spring with healing water formed at this place. It was at this moment that it was decided that the relics of Daniel should be buried in this place near the Siab river. The people of Uzbekistan continue to believe that the water in this spring is not only tasty but also healing. The third day of the tour also includes a visit to the museum of the appearance of Samarkand, which is called “Afrosiab.” Genuine interest will affect tourists on such an excursion goal as - the observatory "Ulugbek," which is located on the hill Kukhak. This building has a rare beauty of architecture, and fully reflects the rich historical heritage of this country. A pleasant end to the third day of the tour will be dinner in a private house, where you can not only enjoy delicious national food but also learn the recipe for the Uzbek dish "kazan-kebab."

The fourth day of the tour: Samarkand – Gijduvan – Vabkent – Bukhara (Breakfast, dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel, after which you will depart to Bukhara. On the border of two oases of Bukhara and Samarkand, which are located in the steppe zone, You will stop at "Rabat-i-Malik" - a monument to the Karakhanid era. The ruins of this building make an indelible impression on every tourist while looking at the "Rabat-i-Malik" you involuntarily imagine the daily life of the Karakhanid rulers. Visiting the city of Gijduvan, which in ancient times was a real shopping center, you can see the Museum of Ceramics, where the artisans themselves will hold an interesting and exciting tour and tell a lot of new and fascinating information about pottery. The program also includes a visit to the place of eternal rest of Abduhalik al-Gijduvani — Sufi mystic, and the founder of the dervish order "Khodjgon." Visiting Vabkent, You will be able to see a copy of the Bukhara "Kalyan" Minaret. The height of this building is 39 meters. As in the Bukhara minaret at the top of the tower, there are amazingly beautiful arches. This trip will be unforgettable and will cause you many different emotions and thoughts. You will be certain that you will want to come back here again to immerse yourself into the mysterious world of this fabulously beautiful city. At the next stage of the journey, we go to Bukhara. Your accommodations will be in the hotel. Enjoy a walk through the cozy streets of the ancient city after dinner in the teahouse "Labi Hauz."

The fifth day of the tour: Bukhara (Breakfast, dinner)
The morning starts with Breakfast at the hotel. The city tour of Bukhara is planned. This city is a unique opportunity to see such places as the fortress walls and gates of this ancient town. In the center of Bukhara is the mausoleum of "Samanids," which is considered an architectural masterpiece, its founder is the great ruler Ismail Samani. Also, tourists will see the "Chashma Ayub Mausoleum," the ancient fortress "Ark" and the "Zindan" which was once a prison. One of the masterpieces of architectural art is the complex "Khoja Zaynutdin," of particular interest is the architecture of this building. There is always something to see in Bukhara. Here you can also visit the "Bolo House" complex, the "Poi Kalon Ensemble," which consists of the Kalyan minaret, the great "Kalyan Mosque," and the "Miri-Arab Madrasa." A favorite place of residents and guests of Bukhara is the ensemble "Lyabi House". In this excursion tour, you can see the synagogue of Bukhara, as well as the "Khanaka Madrasa," "Kukeldash," and the "Nadir-Divan-Begi Madrasa." You can be certain that this is not a complete list of attractions and historical places that purely amaze the imagination of tourists. The fifth day ends with dinner at the "Minzifa" restaurant.

The sixth day of the tour: Bukhara – Khiva (Breakfast, dinner + folklore show)
Breakfast at the hotel. Continuing the tour of Bukhara. A visit to the "Sitora-i-Mokhi Khosa" palace which from the Tajik language translates as "Star like the Moon." This country is the residence of the last Emir of Bukhara, Mir Sayyid Alimkhan. Next, we depart to Khiva; the route through the Kyzyl Kum desert its name translates as "red sand." We will stop on the bank of the Amu Darya; here you can fully enjoy the view of this amazingly beautiful river. Upon arrival in Khiva, we will go to our hotel accommodation. The successful completion of the sixth day will be a dinner at the residence of the Khiva Khans, with the original name "Toza Bog," with a fascinating folk performance.

The seventh day of the tour: Khiva - Urgench - Tashkent (Breakfast, dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel. As an introduction to the city of Khiva, we will visit the minaret "Kalta Minar" (small tower) which is an unfinished building, fully lined with white and blue tiles, as well as shimmering majolica. It is impossible to ignore such a tourist attraction as the "Ata-Darvaz"- gate, the "Kunya Ark" complex is one of the oldest fortresses, the "Islam Khodja Minaret," the "Pakhlavan Makhmud Mausoleum." Such a landmark as the "Juma Mosque" will also cause fascination. Here rows of columns made of wood in the amount of 212 pieces, create a magical geometry of space, all of them are placed in a square, 3.15 m by 3.15 m in size. Tourists are also likely to get acquainted with other architectural monuments of the caravanserai such as "Tim Alla-Kuli-Khan," which was built in 1835. This building is very similar in appearance to the covered market. Also one of the main attractions of Uzbekistan is the "Tash Hauli Palace," it is considered to be a model of the greatness of the Khorezm style. Next, we transfer to Urgench, where the flight to Tashkent will be. The departure time is 21:50, landing time is 23:20. Dinner will be according to the choice of the travelers either in Tashkent or Khiva.

The eighth day of the tour: Tashkent (Breakfast)
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer from the hotel to the airport. Depart for home.

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Tour price includes

Both options include:

  • accommodation in a standard double/twin room;
  • early check-in on the day of arrival in Tashkent;
  • maels according to program (breakfast and dinner);
  • all excursions according to the program, with a local guides in English (if necessary the guide is provided in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian);
  • cost of entrance tickets, according to the program;
  • for excursions and transfers, air-conditioned transport are provided;
  • one bottle of mineral water (1.5 liters) per person per day of the tour;
  • photo & video costs during the city tour program;
  • folklore show in Khiva;
  • visa support to Uzbekistan (if necessary).

Tour price excludes

Important! Both options excludes:

  • air ticket Urgench – Tashkent, econom class;
  • early check-in and late check-out from the hotels;
  • travel insurance;
  • excess baggage, which is more than 20 kg;
  • expenses for personal needs;
  • cost for a visa to Uzbekistan.

Additional information

  • Minimum number of tourists for the tour: 2 people.